As we all closely monitor the situation concerning COVID-19 pandemic and the Government’s latest announcement for everyone to stay at home where at all possible, we have now enacted our Business Continuity Plan in order to protect our customers, ourselves, our families.

During these uncertain times we will continue to offer a full service. This can be done via phone, email or through this web site and we will arrange any quotes or answer any questions as quickly as possible. Our office hours will remain at 9.00am ’til 1pm and 2pm ’til 5pm Monday to Friday … payments may be made by card and documents will be sent…as usual…as attachments to emails

Since 1969

European Car Insurance CarStuart Collins & Co Established 1969 has been running a scheme for the past 30 years offering a motor policy for UK registered Cars (Left or Right hand drive) with annual foreign use. This is a UK motor policy, therefore, it includes use here also without limit of time.

The policy documentation includes an Annual Green Card it is a fact that European Authorities are used to seeing them and it may make your life easier when travelling.

The cover is not affected by the period out of UK so the cover you select operates throughout the year.The geographic limits of our policy ARE wider than the 28 states of EU. Click here for the others.

Our scheme depends upon the vehicle being registered to an address in the UK and the vehicle bearing UK plates. Please note that our policy gives cover in the EU (also UK) without limit of time.

Our scheme provider requires that the UK vehicle requirements be maintained…ie current Road Tax, valid MOT certificate for vehicles over 3 years of age and NOT subject to a SORN declaration.

We are able to arrange an Annual Breakdown/Accident scheme for our motor policy clients to a specification that we find ideal in that it has a quality provider, A wide geographic limit (Wider than our motor policy) with no limit of time in Europe or UK and no limit to age of vehicle.

The Scheme is available at the very reasonable rate of £190.00. Our motor policy clients no longer need to feel exposed by being stranded by Accident or Breakdown. Further information including the policy cover booklet is available by clicking on  Breakdown Cover ” … do not risk being stranded by Accident or Breakdown for around 50p per day!

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