No Claim Discount

As long as a claim has not been made on your policy during the current period of cover, we will include a discount in your renewal premium. We will give you this discount for each claim-free year up to the maximum entitlement.

Please note this is no guarantee your premium will not rise.

If one or two claims are made on your policy during the period of cover, the no claim discount you earn will be reduced as follows:

No Claims Discount you earnOne Claim : Discount reduced toTwo Claims : Discount reduced to
1 year:Nil YearsNil Years
2 year:Nil YearsNil Years
3 year:1 YearNil Years
4 year:2 YearsNil Years
5 or more year:3 Years1 Year

If three or more claims had been made on your policy in the previous period of cover, you will not get a no claim discount.

Your no claim discount cannot be transferred to anyone else.

Your no claim discount will not be affected by payments for emergency treatment which the Road Traffic Act says wemust pay or payments made under Part A (2) – Windscreen damage for windscreen replacement/repair.

Protected no claim discount

Once you have five years no claim discount and a claim has not been made on your policy for at least three years, if you are aged at least 25 years and all drivers are aged at least 21 years, then you can protect the discount if you pay an extra premium at each renewal. This protection will apply unless more than two claims are made on your policy in three consecutive periods of cover, then protection will end and your no claim discount will be reduced to nil at your next renewal.

Although you can protect your no claim discount, your premium may increase if claims are made on your policy or you receive motoring convictions or as required by us for any other reason.

You will have to pay the amount shown in your policy schedule under Endorsement 30 – Protected no claim discount.

This amount is in addition to any other excess you have agreed to pay towards any own damage claim.
Please note this is no guarantee your premium will not rise.